Over & Above

Autor: Jack Kelly

Wydawnictwo: Meyer & Meyer Sport (UK) Ltd.

Jack Kelly is one of the most successful coaches in trampoline gymnastics and has, with his innovative thinking, led his athletes to European and World Championship success. He has pioneered many of the techniques that are used at world level today. In this comprehensive book, he outlines a process for developing world class skill in trampoline gymnastics. The methods described have been successful developing 'rising stars' as well as helping to re-model the technique of numerous advanced performers, enabling them to break through to the next level. The book culminates in a compendium of theoretical and practical guidance based on Kelly's years of striving for, and achieving, world class results. Along the way, Jack Kelly highlights the significant influences on his life that have made him into the coach he has become. Thus, the reader has the opportunity to benefit from the author's extensive knowledge and experience.
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