The Women's Guide to Health

Autor: Jeff Galloway

Wydawnictwo: Meyer & Meyer Sport

The Women's Guide to Health combines Jeff Galloway's Run Walk Run® method with the best medical knowledge to help every woman attain a healthy, active lifestyle. If you are interested in using diet and exercise to help prevent or treat medical problems, this action guide contains practical tools for you to review and use in conversations with your doctor. We'll tell you everything you need to get started, offer tips for finding the right dose of Run Walk Run that works for you, and guide you in preparing and enjoying healthy meals. This book is particularly for women who want to use Run Walk Run and the Mediterranean diet to achieve one of the following health goals: • Lower blood pressure • Better heart health and circulation • Lower cholesterol • Breath more easily • Control blood sugar • Restore bones, joints, and muscles • Improve mood, mental well-being, and coping If finding a healthy weight is one of your health goals, this book provides evidence-based weight loss guidance and explains how body composition changes improve health numbers. Inside, you will find: • Health journal pages • Three levels of 30-week training programs (Get Started, Keep Going, Burn Fat) • Helpful tools for tracking your progress • Strategies, tips, and recipes for healthy eating • And much more!
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