Learn to Swim

Autor: Tracey Ayton

Wydawnictwo: Meyer & Meyer Sport

Written by two expert swimming instructors, Learn to Swim is a superb how-to guide for parents and caregivers to teach their baby the basics of swimming and water familiarization in the lead up to, and in conjunction with, swimming lessons. Each chapter focuses on a new skill for the parent and baby to learn together in the bath or pool. The skills—illustrated by detailed photos, key learning points, and troubleshooting suggestions—are for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, catering to all stages of learning from those babies fearful of water to the most water-confident babies all over the world. This book can be adapted to bath time, pools, lakes, or beaches and shows what parents can do with their baby in a safe environment, paving the way for a strong swimming toddler. Learn to Swim also addresses concerns new parents may have with a dedicated FAQ section that will even answer the age-old question: "Will my baby drink the water?" Finally, key safety information—including supervision, swim wear, floaties, pool fences, and a special chapter on babies with special needs—are all expertly addressed.
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