From Voices to Results - Voice of Customer Questions, Tools and Analysis

Autor: Robert Coppenhaver

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Make the right decisions about your products and services by listening effectively to the people that matter – your customers Key Features Understand the core components, processes and technologies available for a VOC initiative Structure effective VOC programs and turn VOC into actionable product success A handy guide to help you identify the hidden needs of your customers and strengthen your relationship with them Book Description Voice of Customer (VoC) is one of the most popular forms of market research that combines both quantitative and qualitative methods. This book is about developing a deeper knowledge of your customers and understanding their articulated and unarticulated needs. Doing so requires engaging with customers in a meaningful and substantive way – something that is becoming more and more important with the rise of the increasingly connected world. This book gives you a framework to understand what products and features your customers need, or will need in the future. It provides the tools to conduct a VoC program and suggests how to take the customer input and turn it into successful products. This book also explains how to position and price your products in the market, and demonstrates ROI to the management team to get your product development funded. By the end of this book, you will have a thorough understanding of the relevant stages of a VoC project. It will show you how to devise an effective plan, direct the project to their objectives, and then how to collect the voice of the customer, with examples and templates for interviewing and surveying them. What you will learn Learn why customer input is so critical for the product's success Discover the articulated and unarticulated needs of your customers Deploy an effective VoC program in your organization Learn which tools and methods you need to set up a successful VoC program Interview customers – where, how many, and who Create an interview guide and roles in the interview process Translate the customer input into your product specifications Integrate VoC into your marketing campaigns and pricing process Who this book is for The book is for anyone who needs to get to know their customer, how they feel and what they think about a certain subject. If you are a stakeholder in any project responsible for customer relationships, this book will help you immensely. An awareness of VOC as a topic would be useful, although not essential.
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