jQuery's selectors is one of the most important concepts of the jQuery library. Usually, the first thing you do is to select one or more elements of a page in order to manipulate them. Therefore, to efficiently learn the usage of jQuery's selectors is one of the first steps to successfully build your website.Instant jQuery Selectors is a practical guide that will teach you how to use jQuery's selectors efficiently in order to easily select theelements of your pages to operate upon with jQuery's methods. You will go through the most common problems that you could face while developing your project and will learn how to solve them with the help of focused examples that Instant jQuery Selectors has to offer.Instant jQuery Selectors, starting from how to set up jQuery and how to choose the right version for your project, explains to you all the selectors available using a multitude of simple and practical recipes that will help you start using selectors in the right way. Reading the presented recipes you'll learn about the numerous selectors and filters of jQuery – almost 100 of them! You will see how to reuse collections, the methods to filter collections, and how to take advantage of the lesser known parameter of jQuery's constructor: context. Also, you'll discover the methods to traverse the DOM and the techniques to improve the performance of your website by just tweaking selectors.Instant jQuery Selectors is the resource to learn everything you need to know about jQuery's selectors.