Mastering PostgreSQL 9.6

Autor: Hans-Jurgen Schonig

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Master the capabilities of PostgreSQL 9.6 to efficiently manage and maintain your databaseAbout This BookYour one-stop guide to mastering the advanced concepts in PostgreSQL with easeMaster query optimization, replication, and high availability with PostgreSQLExtend the functionalities of PostgreSQL to suit your organizational needs with minimum effortWho This Book Is ForIf you are a PostgreSQL data architect or an administrator who wants to understand how to implement advanced functionalities and master complex administrative tasks with PostgreSQL, then this book is perfect for you. Prior experience of administrating a PostgreSQL database and a working knowledge of SQL is required to make the best use of this book.What You Will LearnGet to grips with the advanced features of PostgreSQL 9.6 and handle advanced SQLMake use of the indexing features in PostgreSQL and fine-tune the performance of your queriesWork with the stored procedures and manage backup and recoveryMaster the replication and failover techniquesTroubleshoot your PostgreSQL instance for solutions to the common and not-so-common problemsLearn how to migrate your database from MySQL and Oracle to PostgreSQL without any hassleIn DetailPostgreSQL is an open source database used for handling large datasets (Big Data) and as a JSON document database. It also has applications in the software and web domains. This book will enable you to build better PostgreSQL applications and administer databases more efficiently.We begin by explaining the advanced database design concepts in PostgreSQL 9.6, along with indexing and query optimization. You will also see how to work with event triggers and perform concurrent transactions and table partitioning, along with exploring SQL and server tuning. We will walk you through implementing advanced administrative tasks such as server maintenance and monitoring, replication, recovery and high availability, and much more. You will understand the common and not-so-common troubleshooting problems and how you can overcome them.By the end of this book, you will have an expert-level command of the advanced database functionalities and will be able to implement advanced administrative tasks with PostgreSQL.Style and ApproachThis book is a comprehensive guide covering all the concepts you need to master PostgreSQL. Packed with hands-on examples, tips and tricks, even the most advanced concepts are explained in a very easy-to-follow manner. Every chapter in the book does not only focus on how each task is performed, but also why.
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