Redis 4.x Cookbook

Autor: Pengcheng Huang, Zuofei Wang

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Leverage the power of Redis 4.x to develop, optimize and administer your Redis solutions with easeAbout This BookBuild, deploy and administer high performance and scalable applications in RedisCovers a range of important tasks - including development and administration of RedisA practical guide that takes your understanding of Redis to the next levelWho This Book Is ForThis book is for database administrators, developers and architects who want to tackle the common and not so common problems associated with the different development and administration-related tasks in Redis. A fundamental understanding of Redis is expected to get the best out of this book.What You Will LearnInstall and configure your Redis instanceExplore various data types and commands in RedisBuild client-side applications as well as a Big Data framework with RedisManage data replication and persistence in RedisImplement high availability and data sharding in RedisExtend Redis with Redis ModuleBenchmark, debug, fine-tune and troubleshoot various issues in RedisIn DetailRedis is considered the world's most popular key-value store database. Its versatility and the wide variety of use cases it enables have made it a popular choice of database for many enterprises. Based on the latest version of Redis, this book provides both step-by-step recipes and relevant the background information required to utilize its features to the fullest. It covers everything from a basic understanding of Redis data types to advanced aspects of Redis high availability, clustering, administration, and troubleshooting. This book will be your great companion to master all aspects of Redis.The book starts off by installing and configuring Redis for you to get started with ease. Moving on, all the data types and features of Redis are introduced in detail. Next, you will learn how to develop applications with Redis in Java, Python, and the Spring Boot web framework. You will also learn replication tasks, which will help you to troubleshoot replication issues. Furthermore, you will learn the steps that need to be undertaken to ensure high availability on your cluster and during production deployment. Toward the end of the book, you will learn the topmost tasks that will help you to troubleshoot your ecosystem efficiently, along with extending Redis by using different modules.Style and approachThis book is a rich collection of recipes that will come in handy when you are working with Redis. It addresses your common and not-so-common pain points, so this is a book of Redis that you must have on the shelf.
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