Mastering Android Game Development with Unity

Autor: Siddharth Shekar, Wajahat Karim

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Create enthralling Android games with Unity Faster Than Ever BeforeAbout This BookDevelop complex Android games with the help of Unity's advanced features such as artificial intelligence, high-end physics, and GUI transformations.Create amazing Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) with Unity's new uGUI systemUnravel and deploy exciting games across Android devicesWho This Book Is ForIf you are a Unity 5 developer and want to expand your knowledge of Unity 5 to create high-end complex Android games, then this book is for you. Readers are expected to have a basic understanding of Unity 5, working with its environment, and its basic concepts.What You Will LearnDevelop your own Jetpack Joyride clone gameExplore the advanced features of Unity 5 by building your own Action Fighting gameDevelop remarkable Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) with Unity's new uGUI systemEnhance your game by adding stunning particle systems and complex animationsBuild pleasing virtual worlds with special effects, lights, sky cube maps, and camerasMake your game more realistic by providing music and sound effectsDebug and deploy your games on different Android devicesIn DetailGame engines such as Unity are the power-tools behind the games we know and love. Unity is one of the most widely-used and best loved packages for game development and is used by everyone, from hobbyists to large studios, to create games and interactive experiences for the Web, desktop, mobile, and console. With Unity's intuitive, easy-to-learn toolset and this book, it's never been easier to become a game developer.You will begin with the basic concepts of Android game development, a brief history of Android games, the building blocks of Android games in Unity 5, and the basic flow of games. You will configure an empty project for the Jetpack Joyride Clone Game, add an environment and characters, and control them. Next you will walk through topics such as particle systems, camera management, prefabs, animations, triggers, colliders, and basic GUI systems. You will then cover the basic setup for 3D action fighting games, importing models, textures and controlling them with a virtual on-screen joystick. Later you will set up Scene for 3D Configuration, create basic gameplays, and manage input controls. Next you will learn to create the interface for the main menu, gameplay, game over, achievements, and high score screens. Finally you will polish your game with stats, sounds, and Social Networking, followed by testing the game on Android devices and then publishing it on Google Play, Amazon, and OUYA Stores.Style and approachA step-by-step and detailed guide to developing high-end complex Android games utilizing the advanced concepts of Unity.
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