Building Modern Web Applications Using Angular

Autor: Shravan Kumar Kasagoni

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Design and develop next generation web applications using Angular 2 and Angular 4About This BookLearn about the core building blocks of AngularBuild and architect high performance web applicationsImplement the latest JavaScript concepts in ECMAScript 2015, ECMAScript 2016, and TypeScriptLeverage the latest Angular features to get the most out of your web applicationsWho This Book Is ForThis book is targeted at JavaScript developers who are interested in learning how to build rich and powerful web applications with the latest version of Angular. Working knowledge of Angular 1 will be beneficial.What You Will LearnDevelop a frontend web application using component-based architectureUse ES5, ES2015, and TypeScript to build Angular 4 UI applicationsDevelop simple to complex user interfaces in Angular 4Develop and handle forms in Angular 4 UI applicationsTest UIs built in Angular 4Use material design components and animations in Angular 4In DetailIn the last few years, Angular has established itself as the number one choice of JavaScript Developers. What makes Angular special is performance and productivity. With Angular, developers can work on consistent coding patterns and build web applications that are powerful and scalable.This book will you get you up and running with Angular and teach how to build modern web applications. It starts with basics of Angular 2 and then brushes you up with the new features of Angular 4. You will learn the core concepts involved in building web applications with Angular such as Data Binding, Routing, Dependency Injection, and much more. The book teaches how to build components and use them to build web apps of your choice. It will help you to handle different kinds of forms and learn the concept of reactive programming. Finally the book teaches how to build visually appealing and responsive UIs.Style and approachIt follows a practical approach to explain almost every feature of Angular 2 and Angular 4 and their concepts through real-world examples. In each chapter, a different example is used so that you can build a foundation and understand the concepts by applying them in different scenarios.
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