Practical Microservices

Autor: Umesh Ram Sharma

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Learn how to implement the microservice architecture using JavaAbout This BookLeverage the power of microservices to build a flexible and efficient system in JavaSee Docker and Spring Boot in practice to form easily deployable microservicesHands-on approach throughout the book in order to familiarize and grasp the detailsWho This Book Is ForThis book is for Java developers who want to get started with microservices and implement it in their workplace. No knowledge of microservice is necessary.What You Will LearnThe role of a discovery service and externalized configuration in the overall architectureUse of message brokers for event driven microservicesHow to intermix data management strategies across componentsImplementing different types of tests in Spring Boot environmentApplying CI to our microservices style architectureWalk through of monitoring and scaling the sample applicationIn DetailA microservice architecture helps you build your application as a suite of different services. This approach has been widely adopted as it helps to easily scale up your application with reduced dependencies. This way if a part of your application is corrupted, it can be fixed easily thereby eliminating the possibility of completely shutting down your software. This book will teach you how to leverage Java to build scalable microservices. You will learn the fundamentals of this architecture and how to efficiently implement it practically.We start off with a brief introduction to the microservice architecture and how it fares with the other architectures. The book dives deep into essential microservice components and how to set up seamless communication between two microservice end points. You will create an effective data model and learn different ways to test and deploy a microservices. You will also learn the best way to migrate your software from a monolith to a microservice architecture.Finishing off with monitoring, scaling and troubleshooting, this book will set a solid foundation for you to start implementing microservices.Style and approachStarting with the fundamentals, this book explains all the essential concepts gradually with the help of numerous examples.
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