Angular Services

Autor: Sohail Salehi

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Design state-of-the-art applications with customized Angular servicesAbout This BookLeverage the latest Angular and ES2016 features to create servicesIntegrate third-party libraries effectively and extend your app's functionalitiesImplement a real-world case study from scratch and level up your Angular skillsWho This Book Is ForIf you are a JavaScript developer who is moving on to Angular and have some experience in developing applications, then this book is for you. You need not have any knowledge of on Angular or its services.What You Will LearnExplore various features and topics involved in modules, services, and dependency injectionSketch and create wire-frames for your projectUse controllers to collect data and populate them into NG UIsCreate a controller and the required directives to build a tree data structureImplement a logic to decide the relevancy of any given evidenceCreate a partially-AI serviceBuild controllers to set the template for the reportCollect, investigate, perform decision making, and generate reports in one the big automated processIn DetailA primary concern with modern day applications is that they need to be dynamic, and for that, data access from the server side, data authentication, and security are very important. Angular leverages its services to create such state-of-the-art dynamic applications.This book will help you create and design customized services, integrate them into your applications, import third-party plugins, and make your apps perform better and faster. This book starts with a basic rundown on how you can create your own Angular development environment compatible with v2 and v4. You will then use Bootstrap and Angular UI components to create pages. You will also understand how to use controllers to collect data and populate them into NG UIs.Later, you will then create a rating service to evaluate entries and assign a score to them. Next, you will create "cron jobs" in NG. We will then create a crawler service to find all relevant resources regarding a selected headline and generate reports on it. Finally, you will create a service to manage accuracy and provide feedback about troubled areas in the app created.This book is up to date for the 2.4 release and is compatible with the 4.0 release as well, and it does not have any code based on the beta or release candidates.Style and approachThis step-by-step tutorial starts by showing how you can create your first Angular services, then customizing it to suit your needs, and finally implementing some real-world case studies on your own to make you confident designing your own application using effective services from scratch.
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