Mastering Unity 5.x

Autor: Alan Thorn

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Create amazing games with solid gameplay features, using a professional-grade workflow inside the Unity engine!About This BookBecome a Unity master by creating a practical, in-depth game-development project with UnityUse advanced C# scripting to unlock the complete potential of Unity 5Use Version Control to Effectively Manage and Scale your workflowWho This Book Is ForIf you are a Unity developer who now wants to develop and deploy interesting games by leveraging the new features of Unity 5.x, then this is the book for you. Basic knowledge of C# programming is assumed.What You Will LearnExplore hands-on tasks and real-world scenarios to make a Unity horror adventure gameCreate enemy characters that act intelligently and make reasoned decisionsUse data files to save and restore game data in a way that is platform-agnosticGet started with VR developmentUse Navigation Meshes, Occlusion Culling, and the Profiler toolsWork confidently with GameObjects, Rotations, and TransformationsUnderstand specific gameplay features such as AI enemies, inventory systems, and level designIn DetailDo you want to take the leap from being an everyday Unity developer to being a pro game developer? Then look no further! This book is your one stop solution to creating mesmerizing games with lifelike features and amazing gameplay.This book takes an in-depth focus on a practical project with Unity, building a first-person game with many features. You'll dive deep into the architecture of a Unity game, creating expansive worlds, interesting render effects, and other features to make your games special. You will create individual game components, use efficient animation techniques, and implement collision and physics effectively. Specifically, we'll explore optimal techniques for importing game assets, such as meshes and textures; tips and tricks for effective level design; how to animate and script NPCs; how to configure and deploy to mobile devices; how to prepare for VR development; and how to work with version control, and more.By the end of this book, you'll have developed sufficient competency in Unity development to produce fun games with confidence.Style and approachThis book takes a step-by-step, practical tutorial approach. You will create an advanced level Unity game with an emphasis on leveraging the advanced Unity 5 features. You will make the most of the Unity 5 advanced features while you develop the game in its entirety.
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