Hands-On Cloud Solutions with Azure

Autor: Greg Leonardo

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Design effective Azure architecture and transform your IT business solutions Key Features Develop a resilient and robust cloud environment Deploy and manage cost-effective and highly available solutions on your public cloud Design and implement enterprise-level cloud solutions Book Description Azure provides cloud-based solutions to support your business demands. Building and running solutions on Azure will help your business maximize the return on investment and minimize the total cost of ownership. Hands-On Cloud Solutions with Azure focuses on addressing the architectural decisions that usually arise when you design or migrate a solution to Microsoft Azure. You will start by designing the building blocks of infrastructure solution on Azure, such as Azure compute, storage, and networking, followed by exploring the database options it offers. You will get to grips with designing scalable web and mobile solutions and understand where to host your Active Directory and Identity Solution. Moving on, you'll learn how to extend DevOps to Azure. You will also beneft from some exciting services that enable extremely smooth operations and streamlined DevOps between on-premises and cloud. The book will help you to design a secure environment for your solution, on both the Cloud and hybrid. Toward the end, you'll see how to manage and monitor cloud and hybrid solutions. By the end of this book, you will be armed with all the tools and knowledge you need to properly plan and design your solutions on Azure, whether it's for a brand new project or migration project. What you will learn Get started with Azure by understanding tenants, subs, and resource groups Decide whether to “lift and shift” or migrate apps Plan and architect solutions in Azure Build ARM templates for Azure resources Develop and deploy solutions in Azure Understand how to monitor and support your application with Azure Make your life easier with Azure best practices and tips Who this book is for If you're an IT consultant, developer, or solutions architect looking to design effective solutions for your organization, this book is for you. Some knowledge of cloud computing will assist with understanding the key concepts covered in this book.
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