AMP: Building Accelerated Mobile Pages

Autor: Ruadhan O'Donoghue

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Engineer naturally lean web pages and leverage the latest web platform features to dramatically boost page speedAbout This BookThe first book for web developers that shows how to put AMP to workImprove your website's mobile experience and get more trafficPractical methods to achieve a step change in performance quickly and easilyWho This Book Is ForThis book is for experienced web developers who are aware of the impact of slow-loading web pages on conversion rates and user engagement, and who are seeking to serve content to their end users in a rich and enticing way using the Accelerated Mobile Pages framework. You should be familiar with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and JSON.What You Will LearnBuild, validate, and deploy AMP pagesCreate interactive user notifications, navigation menus, accordions, contact pages with forms and mapsMonetize your traffic with a variety of ad styles and providersAnalyze your traffic by integrating analytics providers and tracking user-behavior along several dimensionsEmbed social media with amp-youtube, amp-instagram, amp-twitter, and amp-facebookBuild e-commerce functionality including product pages and shopping cartsDeliver rich media experiences using AMP custom elementsUse advanced deployment techniques to extend functionalityInstall ServiceWorkers and build Progressive Web Apps for offline useIn DetailGoogle introduced the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project to give mobile users lightning-fast response times when accessing web pages on mobile devices. AMP delivers great user experiences by providing a framework for optimizing web pages that otherwise would take much longer to load on a mobile platform.This book shows how to solve page performance issues using the mobile web technologies available today. You will learn how to build instant-loading web pages, and have them featured more prominently on Google searches. If you want your website to succeed on mobile, if you care about SEO, and if you want to stay competitive, then this book is for you!You will go on a mobile web development journey that demonstrates with concrete examples how to build lightning-fast pages that will keep your visitors on-site and happy. This journey begins by showing how to build a simple blog article-style web page using AMP. As new concepts are introduced this page is gradually refined until you will have the skills and confidence to build a variety of rich and interactive mobile web pages. These will include e-commerce product pages, interactive forms and menus, maps and commenting systems, and even Progressive Web Apps.Style and approachGet step-by-step instructions to build web pages of different types, gain expert tricks to brand your pages without bloating them, and see methods to embed advertising.
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