DevOps with Windows Server 2016

Autor: Ritesh Modi

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Obtain enterprise agility and continuous delivery by implementing DevOps with Windows Server 2016About This BookThis practical learning guide will improve your application lifecycle management and help you manage environments efficientlyShowcase through a sample application ways to apply DevOps principles and practices in the real worldImplement DevOps using latest technologies in Windows Server 2016 such as Windows Container, Docker, and Nano ServersWho This Book Is ForThis book is for .NET developers and system administrators who have a basic knowledge of Windows Server 2016 and are now eager to implement DevOps at work using Windows Server 2016. Knowledge of Powershell, Azure, and containers will help.What You Will LearnTake a deep dive into the fundamentals, principles, and practices of DevOpsAchieve an end-to-end DevOps implementationExecute source control management using GITHUB and VSTS vNextAutomate the provisioning and configuration of infrastructureBuild and release pipelineMeasure the success of DevOps through application instrumentation and monitoringIn DetailDelivering applications swiftly is one of the major challenges faced in fast-paced business environments. Windows Server 2016 DevOps is the solution to these challenges as it helps organizations to respond faster in order to handle the competitive pressures by replacing error-prone manual tasks using automation.This book is a practical description and implementation of DevOps principles and practices using the features provided by Windows Server 2016 and VSTS vNext. It jumps straight into explaining the relevant tools and technologies needed to implement DevOps principles and practices. It implements all major DevOps practices and principles and takes readers through it from envisioning a project up to operations and further. It uses the latest and upcoming concepts and technologies from Microsoft and open source such as Docker, Windows Container, Nano Server, DSC, Pester, and VSTS vNext.By the end of this book, you will be well aware of the DevOps principles and practices and will have implemented all these principles practically for a sample application using the latest technologies on the Microsoft platform. You will be ready to start implementing DevOps within your project/engagement.Style and approachThis practical, learning book is linear and progressive, and every chapters builds on the previous chapters. We focus on the practical skills required to implement DevOps, with a summary of the key concepts only where strictly necessary.
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