Practical OneOps

Autor: Nilesh Nimkar

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Implement DevOps with easeAbout This BookLeverage OneOps to achieve continuous application lifecycle managementSwitch between multiple cloud providers in order to leverage better pricing, technology, and scalabilityBuild complex environments in a repeatable and predictable method, and deploy and scale on multiple cloudsWho This Book Is ForThis book targets DevOps who want to use OneOps daily to deploy their applications, and Sysadmins who will be administering those applications.What You Will LearnLearn how to install OneOpsConfigure OneOps, including customizing your organizations, teams and cloudsWork through practical deployment scenariosUnderstand OneOps architecture and individual components like Circuit and DisplayBuild custom components and add unsupported clouds programmatically to OneOpsExtend OneOps by calling the REST APIIn DetailWalmart's OneOps is an open source DevOps platform that is used for cloud and application lifecycle management. It can manage critical and complex application workload on any multi cloud-based infrastructure and revolutionizes the way administrators, developers, and engineers develop and launch new products.This practical book focuses on real-life cases and hands-on scenarios to develop, launch, and test your applications faster, so you can implement the DevOps process using OneOps.You will be exposed to the fundamental aspects of OneOps starting with installing, deploying, and configuring OneOps in a test environment, which will also come in handy later for development and debugging. You will also learn about design and architecture, and work through steps to perform enterprise level deployment. You will understand the initial setup of OneOps such as creating organization, teams, and access management. Finally, you will be taught how to configure, repair, scale, and extend applications across various cloud platforms.Style and approachA practical book packed with real life examples, practical scenarios and case studies on leveraging OneOps to implement DevOps for your organization.
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