Android System Programming

Autor: Roger Ye

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Build, customize, and debug your own Android systemAbout This BookMaster Android system-level programming by integrating, customizing, and extending popular open source projectsUse Android emulators to explore the true potential of your hardwareMaster key debugging techniques to create a hassle-free development environmentWho This Book Is ForThis book is for Android system programmers and developers who want to use Android and create indigenous projects with it. You should know the important points about the operating system and the C/C++ programming language.What You Will LearnSet up the Android development environment and organize source code repositoriesGet acquainted with the Android system architectureBuild the Android emulator from the AOSP source treeFind out how to enable WiFi in the Android emulatorDebug the boot up process using a customized RamdiskPort your Android system to a new platform using VirtualBoxFind out what recovery is and see how to enable it in the AOSP buildPrepare and test OTA packagesIn DetailAndroid system programming involves both hardware and software knowledge to work on system level programming. The developers need to use various techniques to debug the different components in the target devices. With all the challenges, you usually have a deep learning curve to master relevant knowledge in this area. This book will not only give you the key knowledge you need to understand Android system programming, but will also prepare you as you get hands-on with projects and gain debugging skills that you can use in your future projects.You will start by exploring the basic setup of AOSP, and building and testing an emulator image. In the first project, you will learn how to customize and extend the Android emulator. Then you'll move on to the real challenge—building your own Android system on VirtualBox. You'll see how to debug the init process, resolve the bootloader issue, and enable various hardware interfaces. When you have a complete system, you will learn how to patch and upgrade it through recovery. Throughout the book, you will get to know useful tips on how to integrate and reuse existing open source projects such as LineageOS (CyanogenMod), Android-x86, Xposed, and GApps in your own system.Style and approachThis is an easy-to-follow guide full of hands-on examples and system-level programming tips.
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