Cisco ACI Cookbook

Autor: Stuart Fordham

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Over 90 recipes to maximize automated solutions and policy-drive application profiles using Cisco ACIAbout This BookConfidently provision your virtual and physical infrastructure for application deploymentIntegrate Cisco ACI with hypervisors and other third party devicesPacked with powerful recipes to automate your IT operationsWho This Book Is ForIf you are a network administrator, system administrator, or engineer and are aware of the basics of Cisco ACI but want to start using it to automate your tasks, then this book is for youWhat You Will LearnMaster the Cisco ACI architectureDiscover the ACI fabric with easy-to-follow stepsSet up quality of service within ACIConfigure external networks with Cisco ACIIntegrate with VMware and track VMware virtual machinesConfigure apply and verify access policiesExtend or migrate a VMware virtual-machine LAN inside the ACI fabricMonitor ACI with third party tools and troubleshoot issuesIn DetailCisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) is a tough architecture that automates IT tasks and accelerates data-center application deployments.This book focuses on practical recipes to help you quickly build, manage, and customize hybrid environment for your organization using Cisco ACI. You will begin by understanding the Cisco ACI architecture and its major components. You will then configure Cisco ACI policies and tenants. Next you will connect to hypervisors and other third-party devices. Moving on, you will configure routing to external networks and within ACI tenants and also learn to secure ACI through RBAC. Furthermore, you will understand how to set up quality of service and network programming with REST, XML, Python and so on. Finally you will learn to monitor and troubleshoot ACI in the event of any issues that arise.By the end of the book, you will gain have mastered automating your IT tasks and accelerating the deployment of your applications.Style and approachA set of exciting recipes to automate your IT operations related to datacenters, the Cloud, and networking tasks
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