Spring Boot 2.0 Cookbook - Second Edition

Autor: Alex Antonov

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Take your application development skills to the next level by implementing Spring Boot features effectivelyAbout This BookThis collection of effective recipes serves as guidelines for Spring Boot application developmentGet up to date with features of the latest version of Spring Boot 2.0Tips and tricks to improve your efficiency through the stages of software developmentWho This Book Is ForThis book is for Java Developers who have good knowledge and understanding of Spring and Java application development.What You Will LearnGet to know Spring Boot Starters and create custom auto-configurationsWork with custom annotations that enable bean activationUse DevTools to easily develop and debug applicationsLearn the effective testing techniques by integrating Cucumber and SpockObserve an eternal application configuration using ConsulMove your existing Spring Boot applications to the cloudUse Hashicorp Consul and Netflix Eureka for dynamic Service DiscoveryUnderstand the various mechanisms that Spring Boot provides to examine an application's healthIn DetailThe Spring framework provides great flexibility for Java development, which also results in tedious configuration work. Spring Boot addresses the configuration difficulties of Spring and makes it easy to create standalone, production-grade Spring-based applications.This practical guide makes the existing development process more efficient. Spring Boot Cookbook 2.0 Second Edition smartly combines all the skills and expertise to efficiently develop, test, deploy, and monitor applications using Spring Boot on premise and in the cloud. We start with an overview of the important Spring Boot features you will learn to create a web application for a RESTful service. Learn to fine-tune the behavior of a web application by learning about custom routes and asset paths and how to modify routing patterns. Address the requirements of a complex enterprise application and cover the creation of custom Spring Boot starters.This book also includes examples of the new and improved facilities available to create various kinds of tests introduced in Spring Boot 1.4 and 2.0, and gain insights into Spring Boot DevTools. Explore the basics of Spring Boot Cloud modules and various Cloud starters to make applications in “Cloud Native” and take advantage of Service Discovery and Circuit Breakers.Style and approachThis practical guide follows a recipe-based approach and provides extremely helpful guidelines to build, configure, and customize your Spring Boot applications.
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