Mastering Software Testing with JUnit 5

Autor: Boni Garcia

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

A comprehensive, hands-on guide on unit testing framework for Java programming languageAbout This BookIn-depth coverage of Jupiter, the new programming and extension model provided by JUnit 5Integration of JUnit 5 with other frameworks such as Mockito, Spring, Selenium, Cucumber, and DockerBest practices for writing meaningful Jupiter test casesWho This Book Is ForThis book is for Java software engineers and testers. If you are a Java developer who is keen on improving the quality of your code and building world class applications then this book is for you. Prior experience of the concepts of automated testing will be helpful.What You Will LearnThe importance of software testing and its impact on software qualityThe options available for testing Java applicationsThe architecture, features and extension model of JUnit 5Writing test cases using the Jupiter programming modelHow to use the latest and advanced features of JUnit 5Integrating JUnit 5 with existing third-party frameworksBest practices for writing meaningful JUnit 5 test casesManaging software testing activities in a living software projectIn DetailWhen building an application it is of utmost importance to have clean code, a productive environment and efficient systems in place. Having automated unit testing in place helps developers to achieve these goals. The JUnit testing framework is a popular choice among Java developers and has recently released a major version update with JUnit 5.This book shows you how to make use of the power of JUnit 5 to write better software.The book begins with an introduction to software quality and software testing. After that, you will see an in-depth analysis of all the features of Jupiter, the new programming and extension model provided by JUnit 5. You will learn how to integrate JUnit 5 with other frameworks such as Mockito, Spring, Selenium, Cucumber, and Docker.After the technical features of JUnit 5, the final part of this book will train you for the daily work of a software tester. You will learn best practices for writing meaningful tests. Finally, you will learn how software testing fits into the overall software development process, and sits alongside continuous integration, defect tracking, and test reporting.Style and approachThe book offers definitive and comprehensive coverage of all the Unit testing concepts with JUnit and its features using several real world examples so that readers can put their learning to practice almost immediately. This book is structured in three parts:Software testing foundations (software quality and Java testing)JUnit 5 in depth (programming and extension model of JUnit 5)Software testing in practice (how to write and manage JUnit 5 tests)
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