NativeScript for Angular Mobile Development

Autor: Nathan Walker, Nathanael J. Anderson

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Learn NativeScript to build native mobile applications with Angular, TypeScript, JavaScriptAbout This BookPower packed hands-on guide to help you become pro-efficient with NativeScriptHarness the power of your web development skills with JavaScript and Angular to build cross-platform mobile appsCreate highly maintainable and feature-rich apps with TypeScript and NativeScript APIsWho This Book Is ForThis book assumes you have a general understanding of TypeScript, have heard of NativeScript and know what it's about, and are familiar with Angular (2.0). You don't need to be an expert in any of these technologies, but having some sense of them before reading is recommended this book, which is ideal for intermediate to advanced users.What You Will LearnBootstrap a NativeScript for Angular appBest practices for project organizationStyle your app with CSS/SASSUse Angular together with NativeScript to create cross-platform mobile appsTake advantage of powerful Angular features, such as Dependency Injection, Components, Directives, Pipes, and NgModules right within your NativeScript appsGain insight into great project organization and best practicesUse Objective C/Swift and Java APIs directly from TypeScriptUse rich framework features and third-party pluginsStyle your app with CSS/SASSIntegrate @ngrx/store + @ngrx/effects to help with state managementTest your app with Karma and AppiumIn DetailNativeScript is an open source framework that is built by Progress in order to build truly native mobile apps with TypeScript, JavaScript or just Angular which is an open source framework built by Google that offers declarative templates, dependency injection, and fully featured modules to build rich applications. Angular's versatile view handling architecture allows your views to be rendered as highly performant UI components native to iOS and Android mobile platforms. This decoupling of the view rendering layer in Angular combined with the power of native APIs with NativeScript have together created the powerful and exciting technology stack of NativeScript for Angular.This book focuses on the key concepts that you will need to know to build a NativeScript for Angular mobile app for iOS and Android. We'll build a fun multitrack recording studio app, touching on powerful key concepts from both technologies that you may need to know when you start building an app of your own. The structure of the book takes the reader from a void to a deployed app on both the App Store and Google Play, serving as a reference guide and valuable tips/tricks handbook.By the end of this book, you'll know majority of key concepts needed to build a successful NativeScript for Angular app.
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