Learning Angular - Second Edition

Autor: Christoffer Noring, Pablo Deeleman

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Build modern SPAs by learning the latest and powerful features of Angular 5 and TypeScript 2.xAbout This BookThe best overview of Angular 5 on the market, this guide gathers together everything there is to know about Angular 5 and groups it into intuitive sections.Learn to build, grow and test powerful and scalable mobile and desktop web applications with AngularExplore the latest features of Angular 5 and TypeScript 2.4 by building a complete responsive application from scratch.Deliver seamless web navigation experiences with application routing and state handling common features with easeThe author has done all the hard work of fitting everything Angular 5 means for developers, making this book the quickest way to learn Angular 5 from scratch.Who This Book Is ForThis book is for web developers who want to build the next generation of state-of-the-art mobile and desktop web applications with Angular. This book does not require you to have prior exposure to either Angular 1.x, 2 or 4, although comprehensive knowledge of JavaScript is assumed.What You Will LearnSet up the workspace and the project using webpack and Angular-CliExplore the features of TypeScript and organize the code in ES6 modulesWork with HTTP and Data Services and understand how data can flow in the appCreate multiple views and learn how to navigate between themMake the app beautiful by adding Material DesignImplement two different types of form handling and its validationAdd animation to some standard events such as route change, initialization, data load, and so onDiscover how to bulletproof your applications by introducing smart unit testing techniques and debugging toolsIn DetailThe latest version of Angular comes with a lot of new features that help you to make your applications smaller and faster. This book will show you how to set up an Angular project, and you'll build Angular components right from the beginning.Moving on, you'll explore and work with the components to build your app. Next, you'll find out more about TypeScript and see how to use it to build apps in the best way possible. You'll then be introduced to the building blocks - Properties, Events, Directives, and Pipes - and how it can be used to implement and enhance the components.Additionally, you'll be using Angular components to organize your components in a scalable way. Then you'll understand how to get data in your app and add navigation to it. Furthermore, you'll deep dive and work with Forms, Authentication, and see how Material design will help you make your app beautiful in just a few short lines of code. Lastly, you'll see how to use animating components with Angular, and test and debug the app.All in all, the overall mission is to give you a great start when developing apps using Angular and TypeScript.Style and approachThis book tells you everything there is to know about getting well-acquainted with Angular without bogging you down. Everything is neatly laid out under clear headings for quick consultation, giving you the information required to understand a concept immediately. You'll also get full coverage of the TypeScript syntax required to follow the examples included.
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