Learn C# in 7 days

Autor: Gaurav Aroraa

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Learn C# in 7 days with practical examples, build a foundation for C# programming, and boost your skills to an advanced levelAbout This BookLearn the basics of C# in 7 daysWorks as a reference guide describing the major features of C#Build easy and simple code through real-world example scenariosWho This Book Is ForThe book is for aspiring developers and absolute novices who want to get started with the world of programming. You do not need any knowledge of C# for this book.What You Will LearnUnderstand and set up the .NET environmentCode in C# using the Visual Studio 2017 RC (preferable community edition) IDEDefine variables, syntax, control flows, statements, and arrays etc through examplesUnderstand the concepts of Object-Oriented Programming using C#Get acquainted with attributes, collection, generics, and LINQGet your hands on class members such as Modifiers, Methods, Properties, Indexers, File I/O, Exception Handling, and RegexBuild a real-world application using C# 7In DetailThis book takes a unique approach to teach C# to absolute beginners. You'll learn the basics of the language in seven days. It takes a practical approach to explain the important concepts that build the foundation of the C# programming language.The book begins by teaching you the basic fundamentals using real-world practical examples and gets you acquainted with C# programming. We cover some important features and nuances of the language in a hands-on way, helping you grasp the concepts in a fluid manner.Later, you'll explore the concepts of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) through a real-world example. Then we dive into advanced-level concepts such as generics and collections, and you'll get acquainted with objects and LINQ. Towards the end, you'll build an application that covers all the concepts explained in the book.By the end of this book, you will have next-level skills and a good knowledge of the fundamentals of C#.Style and approachFast paced guide to get you up-to-speed with the language. Every chapter is followed by an exercise that focuses on building something with the language. The codes of the exercises can be found on the Packt website
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