VMware vSphere 6.5 Cookbook - Third Edition

Autor: Abhilash G B, Cedric Rajendran

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Deploy and manage VMware vSphere 6.5 components with ease.About This BookSimplified and to-the-point theory and practical recipes to deploy and manage vSphere 6.5Discover the best ways to deploy stateless and stateful ESXi hosts and upgrade themStorage and network resource managementCertificate management using VMCAMonitor the performance of a vSphere environment.Who This Book Is ForIf you are a system administrator, support professional, or anyone interested in learning how to install, configure, and manage a vSphere environment, then this book is for you. This task-oriented reference guide will also benefit consultants or infrastructure architects who design and deploy vSphere 6.5 environments.What You Will LearnUpgrade your existing vSphere environment or perform a fresh deployment.Automate the deployment and management of large sets of ESXi hosts in your vSphere EnvironmentConfigure and manage FC, iSCSI, and NAS storage, and get more control over how storage resources are allocated and managedConfigure vSphere networking by deploying host-wide and data center-wide switches in your vSphere environmentConfigure high availability on a host cluster and learn how to enable the fair distribution and utilization of compute resourcesPatch and upgrade the vSphere environmentHandle certificate request generation and renew component certificatesMonitor performance of a vSphere environmentIn DetailVMware vSphere is a complete and robust virtualization product suite that helps transform data centers into simplified on-premises cloud infrastructures, providing for the automation and orchestration of workload deployment and life cycle management of the infrastructure. This book focuses on the latest release of VMware vSphere and follows a recipe-based approach, giving you hands-on instructions required to deploy and manage a vSphere environment.The book starts with the procedures involved in upgrading your existing vSphere infrastructure to vSphere 6.5, followed by deploying a new vSphere 6.5 environment. Then the book delves further into the procedures involved in managing storage and network access to the ESXi hosts and the virtual machines running on them. Moving on, the book covers high availability and fair distribution/utilization of clustered compute and storage resources.Finally, the book covers patching and upgrading the vSphere infrastructure using VUM, certificate management using VMCA, and finishes with a chapter covering the tools that can be used to monitor the performance of a vSphere infrastructure.Style and approachThis book will quickly get you started with managing VMware components.
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