Enterprise API Management

Autor: Luis Weir, Zdenek ", Z", Nemec

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

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A strategy and implementation guide for building, deploying, and managing APIs Key Features Comprehensive, end-to-end guide to business-driven enterprise APIs Distills years of experience with API and microservice strategies Provides detailed guidance on implementing API-led architectures in any business Book Description APIs are the cornerstone of modern, agile enterprise systems. They enable access to enterprise services from a wide variety of devices, act as a platform for innovation, and open completely new revenue streams. Enterprise API Management shows how to define the right architecture, implement the right patterns, and define the right organization model for business-driven APIs. Drawing on his experience of developing API and microservice strategies for some of the world's largest companies, Luis Weir explains how APIs deliver value across an enterprise. The book explores the architectural decisions, implementation patterns, and management practices for successful enterprise APIs, as well as providing clear, actionable advice on choosing and executing the right API strategy in your enterprise. With a relentless focus on creating business value, Luis Weir reveals an effective method for planning, building, and running business products and services with APIs. What you will learn Create API strategies to deliver business value Monetize APIs, promoting them through public marketplaces and directories Develop API-led architectures, applying best practice architecture patterns Choose between REST, GraphQL, and gRPC-style API architectures Manage APIs and microservices through the complete life cycle Deploy APIs and business products, as well as Target Operating Models Lead product-based organizations to embrace DevOps and focus on delivering business capabilities Who this book is for Architects, developers, and technology executives who want to deliver successful API strategies that bring business value.
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