React Native Blueprints

Autor: Emilio Rodriguez Martinez

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Develop real world Android and iOS applications with the power of React native.About This BookBuild quirky and fun projects from scratch and become efficient with React NativeLearn to build professional Android and iOS applications with your JavaScript skillsUse Isomorphic principles to build mobile apps that offer a native user experienceWho This Book Is ForThis book is for developers who want to use their JavaScript knowledge for mobile development. Prior knowledge of React will be beneficial.What You Will LearnStructure React Native projects to ease maintenance and extensibilityOptimize a project to speed up developmentMake a React Native project production-readyUse external modules to speed up the development and maintenance of your projectsExplore the different UI and code patterns to be used for iOS and AndroidGet to know the best practices when building apps in React NativeIn DetailConsidering the success of the React framework, Facebook recently introduced a new mobile development framework called React Native. With React Native's game-changing approach to hybrid mobile development, you can build native mobile applications that are much more powerful, interactive, and faster by using JavaScriptThis project-based guide takes you through eight projects to help you gain a sound understanding of the framework and helps you build mobile apps with native user experience. Starting with a simple standalone groceries list app, you will progressively move on to building advanced apps by adding connectivity with external APIs, using native features, such as the camera or microphone, in the mobile device, integrating with state management libraries such as Redux or MobX, or leveraging React Native's performance by building a full-featured game.This book covers the entire feature set of React Native, starting from the simplest (layout or navigation libraries) to the most advanced (integration with native code) features.By the end of this book, you'll be able to build professional Android and iOS applications using React Native.Style and approachThis project-based guide consists of 8 projects. Each project is a standalone project that covers the core techniques and concepts in each project.
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