Augmented Reality for Developers

Autor: Jonathan Linowes, Krystian Babilinski

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Build exciting AR applications on mobile and wearable devices with Unity 3D, Vuforia, ARToolKit, Microsoft Mixed Reality HoloLens, Apple ARKit, and Google ARCoreAbout This BookCreate unique AR applications from scratch, from beginning to end, with step-by-step tutorialsUse Unity 3D to efficiently create AR apps for Android, iOS, and Windows platformsUse Vuforia, ARTookKit, Windows Mixed Reality, and Apple ARKit to build AR projects for a variety of marketsLearn best practices in AR user experience, software design patterns, and 3D graphicsWho This Book Is ForThe ideal target audience for this book is developers who have some experience in mobile development, either Android or iOS. Some broad web development experience would also be beneficial.What You Will LearnBuild Augmented Reality applications through a step-by-step, tutorial-style project approachUse the Unity 3D game engine with the Vuforia AR platform, open source ARToolKit, Microsoft's Mixed Reality Toolkit, Apple ARKit, and Google ARCore, via the C# programming languageImplement practical demo applications of AR including education, games, business marketing, and industrial trainingEmploy a variety of AR recognition modes, including target images, markers, objects, and spatial mappingTarget a variety of AR devices including phones, tablets, and wearable smartglasses, for Android, iOS, and Windows HoloLensDevelop expertise with Unity 3D graphics, UIs, physics, and event systemsExplore and utilize AR best practices and software design patternsIn DetailAugmented Reality brings with it a set of challenges that are unseen and unheard of for traditional web and mobile developers. This book is your gateway to Augmented Reality development—not a theoretical showpiece for your bookshelf, but a handbook you will keep by your desk while coding and architecting your first AR app and for years to come.The book opens with an introduction to Augmented Reality, including markets, technologies, and development tools. You will begin by setting up your development machine for Android, iOS, and Windows development, learning the basics of using Unity and the Vuforia AR platform as well as the open source ARToolKit and Microsoft Mixed Reality Toolkit. You will also receive an introduction to Apple's ARKit and Google's ARCore! You will then focus on building AR applications, exploring a variety of recognition targeting methods. You will go through multiple complete projects illustrating key market sectors including business marketing, education, industrial training, and gaming.By the end of the book, you will have gained the necessary knowledge to make quality content appropriate for a range of AR devices, platforms, and intended uses.Style and approachThis book adopts a practical, step-by-step, tutorial-style approach. The design principles and methodology will be explained by creating different modules of the AR app.
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