Docker Bootcamp

Autor: Russ McKendrick, Pethuru Raj, Jeeva S. Chelladhurai, Vinod Singh

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Fast, intensive, and effective Docker learningAbout This BookGet well-versed with Docker in 7 daysIdentify and resolve common problems faced by users while working with DockerA fast-paced guide that will focus on all the core Docker functionalitiesWho This Book Is ForThis book targets developers, IT professionals and DevOps engineers who like to gain intensive, hands-on knowledge and skills with Docker without spending hours and hours in learning. If you have been struggling to find the time to gain proficiency and confidence with Docker containers and everyday Docker tasks, you have come to the right place!What You Will LearnUse Docker Compose to make multi-container applications easier to launchLaunch Docker hosts in various public cloudsDeploy and configure a Docker Swarm cluster.Work with third-party plugins to extend core Docker functionalityMonitor containers and hosts and explore commands to troubleshoot DockerIn DetailDocker allows you to create a robust and resilient environment to generate portable, composable, scalable, and stable application containers.The book starts by installing the core Docker Engine on MacOS, Windows 10 and Linux desktops. We will then define multi-container applications and understand the advantages of using containers locally. Once this is done, we will deploy containers on a single Docker host which is publicly accessible. Furthermore, we will learn how to deploy and configure a Docker Swarm cluster and explore networking and storage third-party plugins to extend the core Docker functionality. Towards the end, the book will demonstrate how to monitor and troubleshoot day-to-day problems in addition to various real world examples of container deployments.Style and approachThis book is all about fast and intensive learning. That means we don't waste time in helping readers get started. The content is about filling in with highly-effective examples to build new things, show solving problems in newer and unseen ways, and solve real-world examples.
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