Vue.js 2 and Bootstrap 4 Web Development

Autor: Olga Filipova

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Learn how to combine Bootstrap with Vue.js to build responsive web applications.About This BookBuild applications with a good architecture and clean UI with Vue.js and BootstrapUnderstand Bootstrap components and learn to integrate them with the Vue.js structureBuild, deploy, and test your code with various utility tools provided by Vue.jsWho This Book Is ForThis book is for JavaScript programmers who are new to web frameworks and want to start learning it by developing interactive and responsive web applications.What You Will LearnCreate and build web applications using Vue.js, Webpack, and Nuxt.jsCombine Bootstrap components with Vue.js' power to enrich your web applications with reusable elementsConnect the Vuex state management architecture to the Firebase cloud backend to persist and manage application dataExplore the new grid system of Bootstrap 4 along with the far simpler directives in Vue.jsTest Vue applications using JestAuthenticate your application using Bootstrap's forms, Vue.js' reactivity, and Firebase's authentication APIDeploy your application using Firebase, which provides Backend as a ServiceIn DetailIn this book, we will build a full stack web application right from scratch up to its deployment.We will start by building a small introduction application and then proceed to the creation of a fully functional, dynamic responsive web application called ProFitOro. In this application, we will build a Pomodoro timer combined with office workouts. Besides the Pomodoro timer and ProFitOro workouts will enable authentication and collaborative content management. We will explore topics such as Vue reactive data binding, reusable components, routing, and Vuex store along with its state, actions, mutations, and getters. We will create Vue applications using both webpack and Nuxt.js templates while exploring cool hot Nuxt.js features such as code splitting and server-side rendering. We will use Jest to test this application, and we will even revive some trigonometry from our secondary school!While developing the app, you will go through the new grid system of Bootstrap 4 along with Vue.js' directives. We will connect Vuex store to the Firebase real-time database, data storage, and authentication APIs and use this data later inside the application's reactive components. Finally, we will quickly deploy our application using the Firebase hosting mechanism.Style and ApproachStep-by-step tutorial
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