Beginning C# 7 Hands-On Advanced Language Features

Autor: Tom Owsiak

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

An advanced C# beginners guide to some of the tougher parts of the C# language!About This BookLearn C#, Visual Studio, and object-oriented programmingGet practical examples of advanced C# language features so that you can easily master them yourselfUse the C# programming language to work generics and lambda expressionsProgram C# and SQL Server 2017Get ready for your first MVC applicationsWho This Book Is ForThis book is for anyone who is interested in learning how to program the more advanced aspects of the C# language. Previous programming knowledge of C# is required, at least to the level of basic object-oriented programming. Readers can benefit from first reading Tom Owsiak's companion book, Beginning C# 7 Hands-On – The Core Language, as a preparation for the more advanced elements and techniques presented in this book.What You Will LearnLearn C# advanced language elements and techniquesDiscover advanced C# techniques with hands-on working examplesBuild on your knowledge of OOP by using C# generics and lambda expressionsWork with C# and LINQ custom data typesProgram C# and SQL Server 2017 to manage and query dataCreate your first full MVC applicationIn DetailBeginning C# 7 Hands-On – Advanced Language Features assumes that you've mastered the basic elements of the C# language and that you're now ready to learn the more advanced C# language and syntax, line by line, in a working Visual Studio environment. You'll learn how to code advanced C# language topics including generics, lambda expressions, and anonymous methods.You'll learn to use query syntax to construct queries and deploy queries that perform aggregation functions. Work with C# and SQL Server 2017 to perform complex joins and stored procedures. Explore advanced file access methods, and see how to serialize and deserialize objects – all by writing working lines of code that you can run within Visual Studio.This book is designed for beginner C# developers who have mastered the basics now, and anyone who needs a fast reference to using advanced C# language features in practical coding examples. You'll also take a look at C# through web programming with web forms.By the time you've finished this book, you'll know all the critical advanced elements of the C# language and how to program everything from C# generics to XML, LINQ, and your first full MVC web applications. These are the advanced building blocks that you can then combine to exploit the full power of the C# programming language, line by line.Style and approachA comprehensive book that blends theory with just the right amount of practical code implementations, to help you get up and running with the C# programming language and its advanced features. You'll also get to work with other tools and technologies that complement C# programming. Each core part of the C# language is coded as you learn, and code output is tested every time to verify the syntax is working as expected, so it's easy for you to learn directly from the working code examples. Advanced-level features of C# will be used to code and work through examples.
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