Firebase Cookbook

Autor: Houssem Yahiaoui

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Practical solutions for developing seamless experiences for application that scales.About This BookA Solution based approach that would help you create high-quality apps for your businessesHarness the power of real-time database to create apps that work on multiple platformsBuild a customized solution for your app development challenges with FirebaseWho This Book Is ForThis book will assume you have at least a minimum set of skills in JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Also, having some familiarity with backend technologies will be helpful. After all we're going to build a backend application that will change the way backend developer works.What You Will LearnUse Firebase Diverse Authentication systemsIntegrate easy, secure File Hosting using Firebase Storage servicesMake your application serverless using Firebase Cloud FunctionsUse the powerful Firebase Admin SDK for privilege managementUse Firebase within NativeScript apps for cross-platform applicationsModify, structure, save and serve data in and from Realtime DatabaseGet acquainted with the newly introduce Cloud Firestore, a scalable database for your web and mobile applicationsIn DetailDo you feel tired just thinking or even hearing about backend technologies, authentication or the tedious task of deployment? Firebase is here to change the way you develop and make your app a first-class citizen of the cloud.This books takes a solution based approach by providing you recipes that would help you understand the features of Firebase and implement them in your existing web or mobile applications.We start-off by creating our first Firebase application and integrating its services into different platforms and environments for mobile as well as web applications. Then we deep dive into Real-time Database and Firebase Storage that allows your users to access data across various devices with realtive ease. With each chapter you will gradually create the building blocks of your application from securing your data with Firebase Rules to authenticating your users with O-Auth.Moving along we would explore modern application development techniques such as creating serverless applications with Firebase Cloud Functions or turning your traditional applications into progressive apps with Service workers.Finally you will learn how to create cross-platform mobile apps, integrate Firebase in native platforms, and learn how to monetize your mobile applications using Admob for Android and iOS.Style and approachThis recipe-based practical guide presents each topic with step-by-step instructions on how you can create collaborative and efficient progressive applications using the latest features and capabilities in Firebase.
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