SQL Server on Linux

Autor: Jasmin Azemovic

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Bring the performance and security of SQL Server to LinuxAbout This BookDesign and administer your SQL Server solution on the open source Linux platformInstall, configure, and fine-tune your database application for maximum performanceAn easy-to-follow guide teaching you how to implement various SQL Server CTP 2.x offerings on Linux—from installation to administrationWho This Book Is ForThis book is for the Linux users who want to learn SQL Server on their favorite Linux distributions. It is not important if you are experienced database user or a beginner as we are starting from scratch. However, it is recommended that you have basic knowledge about relational models. More advanced readers can pick the chapters of their interest and study specific topics immediately. Users from Windows platform can also benefit from this book to expand their frontiers and become equally efficient on both platforms.What You Will LearnInstall and set up SQL Server CTP 2.x on LinuxCreate and work with database objects using SQL Server on LinuxConfigure and administer SQL Server on Linux-based systemsCreate and restore database back-upsProtect sensitive data using the built-in cryptographic featuresOptimize query execution using indexesImprove query execution time by more than 10x using in-memory OLTPTrack row-versioning using temporal tablesIn DetailMicrosoft's launch of SQL Server on Linux has made SQL Server a truly versatile platform across different operating systems and data-types, both on-premise and on-cloud.This book is your handy guide to setting up and implementing your SQL Server solution on the open source Linux platform. You will start by understanding how SQL Server can be installed on supported and unsupported Linux distributions. Then you will brush up your SQL Server skills by creating and querying database objects and implementing basic administration tasks to support business continuity, including security and performance optimization. This book will also take you beyond the basics and highlight some advanced topics such as in-memory OLTP and temporal tables.By the end of this book, you will be able to recognize and utilize the full potential of setting up an efficient SQL Server database solution in your Linux environment.Style and approachThis book follows a step-by-step approach to teach readers the concepts of SQL Server on Linux using the bash command line and SQL programming language trough examples which can easily be adapted and applied in your own solutions.
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