Mastering Angular Components

Autor: Gion Kunz

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Develop modern user interfaces using Angular 6 and its component-based architecture. Key Features Build better web applications with highly scalable concepts using Angular Learn new ways to design your web applications Build a fully functional web application that lets you tackle real-world user interface problems using Angular components Book Description Angular framework embraces a mature user interface (UI) component architecture, a powerful tool when developing scalable application interfaces. The simple and deterministic design of Angular components supports you in building large and scalable component-based applications. Mastering Angular Components covers a new holistic way of thinking about UI development, and helps you discover the power of Angular 6 components through various examples. The book starts with an introduction to component-based user interfaces and how Angular 6 manages this concept. Following a step-by-step approach, you will build a fully functional task-management application using Angular. You'll start with basic layout components, adding some core task-management components before completing the first draft of your application. You will then move on to working through a refactoring exercise in order to learn how to enhance the way you deal with states and data. Once you have got to grips with all this, you will study how to make use of the Angular router within your application. By the end of this book, you will be able to constantly refine the functionality of your application and create components that render SVG graphics, add a time-tracking feature, visualize data using third-party library Chartist, and even create a plugin architecture using Angular components. What you will learn Use TypeScript to create Angular 6 components Leverage component composition to solve complex UI requirements Build an architecture using pure components and container components Explore the basics of RxJS observable streams and use them to build your application reactively Communicate between components using child queries Implement the Angular router to make your application navigable Build reusable and dynamic graphical content using Angular components and SVG Integrate third-party libraries such as Moment.js and Chartist into your existing Angular application Who this book is for Mastering Angular Components is for you if you are an Angular developer who already has a good understanding of basic frontend web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
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