Vue.js 2.x by Example

Autor: Mike Street

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Learn the fundamentals of vue.js by creating complex SPAs with Vuex, vue-router and moreAbout This BookWe bridge the gap between "learning" and "doing" by providing real-world examples that will improve your web development skills with Vue.jsExplore the exciting features of Vue.js 2 through practical and interesting examplesExplore modern development tools and learn how to utilize them by building applications with Vue.jsWho This Book Is ForThis book is for developers who know the basics of JavaScript and are looking to learn Vue.js with real examples. You should understand the basics of JavaScript functions and variables and be comfortable with using CSS or a CSS framework for styling your projects.What You Will LearnLooping through data with Vue.jsSearching and filtering dataUsing components to display dataGetting a list of files using the dropbox APINavigating through a file tree and loading folders from a URLCaching with VuexPre-caching for faster navigationIntroducing vue-router and loading componentsUsing vue-router dynamic routes to load dataUsing vue-router and Vuex to create an ecommerce storeIn DetailVue.js is a frontend web framework which makes it easy to do just about anything, from displaying data up to creating full-blown web apps, and has become a leading tool for web developers. This book puts Vue.js into a real-world context, guiding you through example projects that helps you build Vue.js applications from scratch.With this book, you will learn how to use Vue.js by creating three Single Page web applications. Throughout this book, we will cover the usage of Vue, for building web interfaces, Vuex, an official Vue plugin which makes caching and storing data easier, and Vue-router, a plugin for creating routes and URLs for your application.Starting with a JSON dataset, the first part of the book covers Vue objects and how to utilize each one. This will be covered by exploring different ways of displaying data from a JSON dataset. We will then move on to manipulating the data with filters and search and creating dynamic values.Next, you will see how easy it is to integrate remote data into an application by learning how to use the Dropbox API to display your Dropbox contents in an applicationIn the final section, you will see how to build a product catalog and dynamic shopping cart using the Vue-router, giving you the building blocks of an e-commerce store.Style and approachThis book takes you three projects, with step-by-step instructions to help you understand the concepts of Vue and put it into practice.
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