Metasploit Bootcamp

Autor: Nipun Jaswal

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Master the art of penetration testing with Metasploit Framework in 7 daysAbout This BookA fast-paced guide that will quickly enhance your penetration testing skills in just 7 daysCarry out penetration testing in complex and highly-secured environments.Learn techniques to Integrate Metasploit with industry's leading toolsWho This Book Is ForIf you are a penetration tester, ethical hacker, or security consultant who quickly wants to master the Metasploit framework and carry out advanced penetration testing in highly secured environments then, this book is for you.What You Will LearnGet hands-on knowledge of MetasploitPerform penetration testing on services like Databases, VOIP and much moreUnderstand how to Customize Metasploit modules and modify existing exploitsWrite simple yet powerful Metasploit automation scriptsExplore steps involved in post-exploitation on Android and mobile platforms.In DetailThe book starts with a hands-on Day 1 chapter, covering the basics of the Metasploit framework and preparing the readers for a self-completion exercise at the end of every chapter. The Day 2 chapter dives deep into the use of scanning and fingerprinting services with Metasploit while helping the readers to modify existing modules according to their needs. Following on from the previous chapter, Day 3 will focus on exploiting various types of service and client-side exploitation while Day 4 will focus on post-exploitation, and writing quick scripts that helps with gathering the required information from the exploited systems. The Day 5 chapter presents the reader with the techniques involved in scanning and exploiting various services, such as databases, mobile devices, and VOIP. The Day 6 chapter prepares the reader to speed up and integrate Metasploit with leading industry tools for penetration testing. Finally, Day 7 brings in sophisticated attack vectors and challenges based on the user's preparation over the past six days and ends with a Metasploit challenge to solve.Style and approachThis book is all about fast and intensive learning. That means we don't waste time in helping readers get started. The new content is basically about filling in with highly-effective examples to build new things, show solving problems in newer and unseen ways, and solve real-world examples.
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