Enterprise Cloud Security and Governance

Autor: Zeal Vora

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Build a resilient cloud architecture to tackle data disasters with easeAbout This BookGain a firm grasp of Cloud data security and governance, irrespective of your Cloud platformPractical examples to ensure you secure your Cloud environment efficientlyA step-by-step guide that will teach you the unique techniques and methodologies of Cloud data governanceWho This Book Is ForIf you are a cloud security professional who wants to ensure cloud security and data governance no matter the environment, then this book is for you. A basic understanding of working on any cloud platform would be beneficial.What You Will LearnConfigure your firewall and Network ACLProtect your system against DDOS and application-level attacksExplore cryptography and data security for your cloudGet to grips with configuration management tools to automate your security tasksPerform vulnerability scanning with the help of the standard tools in the industryLearn about central log managementIn DetailModern day businesses and enterprises are moving to the Cloud, to improve efficiency and speed, achieve flexibility and cost effectiveness, and for on-demand Cloud services. However, enterprise Cloud security remains a major concern because migrating to the public Cloud requires transferring some control over organizational assets to the Cloud provider. There are chances these assets can be mismanaged and therefore, as a Cloud security professional, you need to be armed with techniques to help businesses minimize the risks and misuse of business data.The book starts with the basics of Cloud security and offers an understanding of various policies, governance, and compliance challenges in Cloud. This helps you build a strong foundation before you dive deep into understanding what it takes to design a secured network infrastructure and a well-architected application using various security services in the Cloud environment.Automating security tasks, such as Server Hardening with Ansible, and other automation services, such as Monit, will monitor other security daemons and take the necessary action in case these security daemons are stopped maliciously. In short, this book has everything you need to secure your Cloud environment with. It is your ticket to obtain industry-adopted best practices for developing a secure, highly available, and fault-tolerant architecture for organizations.Style and approachThis book follows a step-by-step, practical approach to secure your applications and data when they are located remotely.
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