MySQL 8 Administrator's Guide

Autor: Chintan Mehta, Ankit Bhavsar, Hetal Oza, Subhash Shah

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Step by step guide to monitor, manage, and secure your database engineAbout This BookYour companion to master all the administration-related tasks in MySQL 8Ensure high performance and high availability of your MySQL solution using effective replication and backup techniquesA comprehensive guide to performing query optimization, security and a whole host of other administrative tasks in MySQL 8Who This Book Is ForThis book is intended for MySQL administrators who are looking for a handy guide covering all the MySQL administration-related tasks. If you are a DBA looking to get started with MySQL administration, this book will also help you. Knowledge of the basic database concepts is required to get started with this book. What You Will LearnUnderstanding different MySQL 8 data types based on type of contents and storage requirementsBest practices for optimal use of features in MySQL 8Explore globalization configuration and caching techniques to improve performanceCreate custom storage engine as per system requirementsLearn various ways of index implementation for flash memory storagesConfigure and implement replication along with approaches to use replication as solutionUnderstand how to make your MySQL 8 solution highly availableTroubleshoot common issues and identify error codes while using MySQL 8In DetailMySQL is one of the most popular and widely used relational databases in the world today. The recently released version 8.0 brings along some major advancements in the way your MySQL solution can be administered. This handbook will be your companion to understand the newly introduced features in MySQL and how you can leverage them to design a high-performance MySQL solution for your organization.This book starts with a brief introduction to the newly introduced features in MySQL 8, followed by quickly jumping onto the crucial administration topics that you will find useful in your day to day work. Topics such as migrating to MySQL 8, MySQL benchmarking, achieving high performance by implementing the indexing techniques, and optimizing your queries are covered in this book. You will also learn how to perform replication, scale your MySQL solution and implement effective security techniques. A special section on the common and not so common troubleshooting techniques for effective MySQL administration is also covered in this book. By the end of this highly practical book, you will have all the knowledge you need to tackle any problem you might encounter while administering your MySQL solution.Style and approachA Step by Step guide to understand all new features of MySQL 8 and leverage it while administering your MySQL 8 solution
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