Hands-on DevOps

Autor: Sricharan Vadapalli

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Transform yourself into a specialist in DevOps adoption for Big Data on cloudAbout This BookLearn the concepts of Bigdata and Devops and Implement themGet Acquainted with DevOps Frameworks Methodologies and ToolsA practical approach to build and work efficiently with your big data clusterGet introduced to multiple flavors of tools and platforms from vendors on Hadoop, Cloud, Containers and IoT OfferingsIn-Depth Technology understanding on Data Sciences, Microservices, BigdataWho This Book Is ForIf you are a Big Data Architects, solutions provider, or any stakeholder working in big data environment and wants to implement the strategy of DevOps, then this book is for you.What You Will LearnLearn about the DevOps culture, its frameworks, maturity, and design patternsGet acquainted with multiple niche technologies microservices, containers, kubernetes, IoT, and cloudBuild big data clusters, enterprise applications and data science modelsApply DevOps concepts for continuous integration, delivery, deployment and monitoringGet introduced to Open source tools, service offerings from multiple vendorsStart digital journey to apply DevOps concepts to migrate big data, cloud, microservices, IoT, security, ERP systemsIn DetailDevOps strategies have really become an important factor for big data environments.This book initially provides an introduction to big data, DevOps, and Cloud computing along with the need for DevOps strategies in big data environments. We move on to explore the adoption of DevOps frameworks and business scenarios. We then build a big data cluster, deploy it on the cloud, and explore DevOps activities such as CI/CD and containerization. Next, we cover big data concepts such as ETL for data sources, Hadoop clusters, and their applications. Towards the end of the book, we explore ERP applications useful for migrating to DevOps frameworks and examine a few case studies for migrating big data and prediction models.By the end of this book, you will have mastered implementing DevOps tools and strategies for your big data clusters.Style and approachA clear, concise, and straightforward book that will enable you to use and implement DevOps on big data to improve the efficiency.
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