Office 365 Essentials

Autor: Nuno Arias Silva

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Leverage Office 365 to increase your organization's efficiency by managing users, domains, licenses, and much more in your organization with most powerful subscription software. Key Features Get acquainted with the basics of Office 365 Configure and manage workloads efficiently using Office 365 A comprehensive guide covering every aspect of planning, and managing this multifaceted collaboration system. Book Description Office 365 is suite of advanced collaboration tools used by many well known organizations and their system administrators. This book starts with an introduction to Office 365 and its basic fundamentals. Then we move towards workload management and deployment. You will delve into identities, authentications, and managing office 365. We also cover concepts such as collaboration with Microsoft teams and tools such as Delve and Skype for collaboration. Towards the end of the book, you'll master monitoring and security concepts. By the end of this book, you will have hands-on experience working with Office 365 and its collaboration tools and services What you will learn Learn how to implement Office 365 from scratch and how to use best practices to be a successful Office 365 professional Understand Microsoft productivity services to take your organization or business to the next level by increasing productivity. Learn how workloads and applications interact and integrate with each other Learn to manage Skype for Business Online Get support and monitor service health with Office 365 Manage and administer identities and groups efficiently Who this book is for If you are working as a system administration or an IT professional and are keen to learn the fundamentals of Office 365, then this book is for you. No prior knowledge of office 365 is necessary.
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