Delphi Cookbook,

Autor: Daniele Spinetti, Daniele Teti

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Quickly learn and employ practical recipes for developing real-world, cross-platform applications using Delphi. Key Features Get to grips with Delphi to build and deploy various cross-platform applications Design and deploy real-world apps by implementing a single source codebase Build robust and optimized GUI applications with ease Book Description Delphi is a cross-platform integrated development environment (IDE) that supports rapid application development on different platforms, saving you the pain of wandering amid GUI widget details or having to tackle inter-platform incompatibilities. Delphi Cookbook begins with the basics of Delphi and gets you acquainted with JSON format strings, XSLT transformations, Unicode encodings, and various types of streams. You'll then move on to more advanced topics such as developing higher-order functions and using enumerators and run-time type information (RTTI). As you make your way through the chapters, you'll understand Delphi RTL functions, use FireMonkey in a VCL application, and cover topics such as multithreading, using aparallel programming library and deploying Delphi on a server. You'll take a look at the new feature of WebBroker Apache modules, join the mobile revolution with FireMonkey, and learn to build data-driven mobile user interfaces using the FireDAC database access framework. This book will also show you how to integrate your apps with Internet of Things (IoT). By the end of the book, you will have become proficient in Delphi by exploring its different aspects such as building cross-platforms and mobile applications, designing server-side programs, and integrating these programs with IoT. What you will learn Develop visually stunning applications using FireMonkey Deploy LiveBinding effectively with the right object-oriented programming (OOP) approach Create RESTful web services that run on Linux or Windows Build mobile apps that read data from a remote server efficiently Call platform native API on Android and iOS for an unpublished API Manage software customization by making better use of an extended RTTI Integrate your application with IOT Who this book is for Delphi Cookbook is for intermediate developers with a basic knowledge of Delphi who want to discover and understand all the development possibilities offered by it.
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