Spring 5.0 By Example

Autor: Claudio Eduardo de Oliveira

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Discover the real power of Spring Framework 5.0 and learn to create powerful applications in its newest versionAbout This BookLearn reactive programming by implementing a reactive application with Spring WebfluxCreate a robust and scalable messaging application with Spring messaging supportApply your knowledge to build three real-world projects in SpringWho This Book Is ForIf you're a developer starting out with Spring, then this book will help you learn about the new Spring 5.0 framework concepts followed by their implementation in Java and Kotlin. The book will also help experienced Spring developers gain insights into the new features added in Spring 5.0.What You Will LearnImplement REST APIs with Spring REST supportIntroduce the Spring Boot and understand how it makes creating robust applications extremely simpleUnderstand how Spring Data helps us add persistence in MongoDB and SQL databasesIntroduce Reactive Programming and use this with Spring WebfluxImplement a Reactive REST client and learn how it can create asynchronous applicationsCreate a robust, scalable, and fault tolerant application with Spring MessagingImplement a websocket to add interactive behaviors in your applicationsIntroduce the Spring Cloud projectsIn DetailWith growing demands, organizations are looking for systems that are robust and scalable. Therefore, the Spring Framework has become the most popular framework for Java development. It not only simplifies software development but also improves developer productivity. This book covers effective ways to develop robust applications in Java using Spring.The book has three parts, where each one covers the building of a comprehensive project in Java and Spring. In the first part, you will construct a CMS Portal using Spring's support for building REST APIs. You will also learn to integrate these APIs with AngularJS and later develop this application in a reactive fashion using Project Reactor, Spring WebFlux, and Spring Data. In the second part, you'll understand how to build a messaging application, which will consume the Twitter API and perform filtering and transformations. Here, you will also learn about server-sent events and explore Spring's support for Kotlin, which makes application development quick and efficient. In the last part, you will build a real microservice application using the most important techniques and patterns such as service discovery, circuit breakers, security, data streams, monitoring, and a lot more from this architectural style.By the end of the book, you will be confident about using Spring to build your applications.Style and approachThis book teaches you to use the new version of Spring Framework to solve problems commonly encountered in modern web application; it explains the main features of this version such as support for Reactive programming and Kotlin. You'll learn these features by creating interesting projects and putting them into practice right now.
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