Learn ECMAScript - Second Edition

Autor: Mehul Mohan, Narayan Prusty

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Get up and running with all the new features of ECMAScript and explore new ways of coding with JavaScript.About This BookGrasp the latest features of ECMAScript and the best way to use it in production codeLearn newly added native APIs to JS Engine and perform tasks efficiently with a cleaner code baseUnderstand the more complex sides of JavaScript such as the inheritance model, low-level memory management, multithreaded environments, and web workersWho This Book Is ForThis book is for web developers who have some basic programming knowledge and want to learn to write cleaner code with the power of ECMAScript.What You Will LearnImplement methods associated with objects as per the latest ECMAScript specificationMake use of the latest features of ECMAScriptMake use of many new APIs in HTML5 and modern JavaScript implementationUse SharedArrayBuffers for superfast concurrent and parallel programmingPerform asynchronous programming with JavaScriptImplement the best ways and practices to perform modular programming in JavaScriptIn DetailLearn ECMAScript explores implementation of the latest ECMAScript features to add to your developer toolbox, helping you to progress to an advanced level. Learn to add 1 to a variable andsafely access shared memory data within multiple threads to avoid race conditions.You'll start the book by building on your existing knowledge of JavaScript, covering performing arithmetic operations, using arrow functions and dealing with closures. Next, you will grasp the most commonly used ECMAScript skills such as reflection, proxies, and classes. Furthermore, you'll learn modularizing the JS code base, implementing JS on the web and how the modern HTML5 + JS APIs provide power to developers on the web. Finally, you will learn the deeper parts of the language, which include making JavaScript multithreaded with dedicated and shared web workers, memory management, shared memory, and atomics. It doesn't end here; this book is 100% compatible with ES.Next.By the end of this book, you'll have fully mastered all the features of ECMAScript!Style and approachThe level goes gradually from basic to advanced so that the reader can adapt at every point and level up their skills at the same time. The chapters are carefully arranged in a manner that makes every concept easy to learn and deploy right away in your code.
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