Mastering C++ Game Development

Autor: Mickey MacDonald

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

High-end game development with advanced C++ 17 programming techniquesAbout This BookMake the best use of object-oriented capabilities of C++ to develop high-end gamesCreate reusable C++ libraries and editor tools for your gameSeries of example projects demonstrating advanced techniques to build games of any genreWho This Book Is ForThis book is intended for aspiring game developers who are proficient in C++ 17 programming and are interested in developing professional games with C++.17What You Will LearnWork and communicate effectively in the modern games industryDevelop simple and advanced gameplay systemsHow to leverage the standard core C++ librariesUse modern real-time rendering techniques to achieve immersive 3D visualsAchieve a narrative-driven game experience using a variety of data management techniquesImplement scripting using LUALearn AI algorithms and concepts for handling motion, behavior, and decision makingImplementation of the OpenGL, Bullet Physics, GLM, SteamVR and other common librariesIn DetailAlthough many languages are now being used to develop games, C++ remains the standard for professional development. The majority of professional libraries and toolchains are still built using C++. The primary goal of this book is to teach you how to harness the power of the language and provide you with the ability to build high-quality games.To begin, you will be presented with, an overview of popular development methodologies, and a short guide to updated features of the C++ 17 standard. You will learn how to leverage existing libraries such as OpenGL and the STL (standard library) to build complex systems. Throughout the journey, you will also build a set of C++ 17 compatible libraries that can be reused in your own development projects. In the last half of the book, you will work with demos designed to introduce you to advanced rendering techniques, interactive physics, advanced AI techniques, and even multiplayer game concerns with modern networks.Style and approachThis guide is packed with game demos offering powerful techniques to create high-end games with C++ 17
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