Java 9: Building Robust Modular Applications

Autor: Dr. Edward Lavieri, Peter Verhas, Jason Lee

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Mastering advanced features of Java and implement them to build amazing projectsAbout This BookTake advantage of Java's new modularity features to write real-world applications that solve a variety of problemsExplore the major concepts introduced with Java 9, including modular programming, HTTP 2.0, API changes, and moreGet to grips with tools, techniques and best practices to enhance application developmentWho This Book Is ForThis learning path is for Java developers who are looking to move a level up and learn how to build robust applications in the latest version of Java.What You Will LearnPackage Java applications as modules using the Java Platform Module SystemImplement process management in Java using the all-new process handling APIIntegrate your applications with third-party services in the cloudInteract with mail servers, using JavaMail to build an application that filters spam messagesUse JavaFX to build rich GUI-based applications, which are an essential element of application developmentLeverage the possibilities provided by the newly introduced Java shellTest your application's effectiveness with the JVM harnessSee how Java 9 provides support for the HTTP 2.0 standardIn DetailJava 9 and its new features add to the richness of the language; Java is one of the languages most used by developers to build robust software applications. Java 9 comes with a special emphasis on modularity with its integration with Jigsaw. This course is your one-stop guide to mastering the language.You'll be provided with an overview and explanation of the new features introduced in Java 9 and the importance of the new APIs and enhancements. Some new features of Java 9 are ground-breaking; if you are an experienced programmer, you will be able to make your enterprise applications leaner by learning these new features. You'll be provided with practical guidance in applying your newly acquired knowledge of Java 9 and further information on future developments of the Java platform. This course will improve your productivity, making your applications faster. Next, you'll go on to implement everything you've learned by building 10 cool projects. You will learn to build an email filter that separates spam messages from all your inboxes, a social media aggregator app that will help you efficiently track various feeds, and a microservice for a client/server note application, to name just a few.By the end of this course, you will be well acquainted with Java 9 features and able to build your own applications and projects.This Learning Path contains the best content from the following two recently published Packt products:Mastering Java 9Java 9 Programming BlueprintsStyle and approachThis practical guide is filled with real-world examples. Its projects will help you get acquainted with concepts in depth.
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