Mastering Apache Solr 7.x

Autor: Sandeep Nair, Chintan Mehta, Dharmesh Vasoya

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Accelerate your enterprise search engine and bring relevancy in your search analyticsAbout This BookA practical guide in building expertise with Indexing, Faceting, Clustering and PaginationMaster the management and administration of Enterprise Search Applications and services seamlesslyHandle multiple data inputs such as JSON, xml, pdf, doc, xls,ppt, csv and much more.Who This Book Is ForThe book would rightly appeal to developers, software engineers, data engineers and database architects who are building or seeking to build enterprise-wide effective search engines for business intelligence. Prior experience of Apache Solr or Java programming is must to take the best of this book.What You Will LearnDesign schema using schema API to access data in the databaseAdvance querying and fine-tuning techniques for better performanceGet to grips with indexing using Client APISet up a fault tolerant and highly available server with newer distributed capabilities, SolrCloudExplore Apache Tika to upload data with Solr CellUnderstand different data operations that can be done while indexingMaster advanced querying through Velocity Search UI, faceting and Query Re-ranking, pagination and spatial searchLearn to use JavaScript, Python, SolrJ and Ruby for interacting with SolrIn DetailApache Solr is the only standalone enterprise search server with a REST-like application interface. providing highly scalable, distributed search and index replication for many of the world's largest internet sites.To begin with, you would be introduced to how you perform full text search, multiple filter search, perform dynamic clustering and so on helping you to brush up the basics of Apache Solr. You will also explore the new features and advanced options released in Apache Solr 7.x which will get you numerous performance aspects and making data investigation simpler, easier and powerful. You will learn to build complex queries, extensive filters and how are they compiled in your system to bring relevance in your search tools. You will learn to carry out Solr scoring, elements affecting the document score and how you can optimize or tune the score for the application at hand. You will learn to extract features of documents, writing complex queries in re-ranking the documents. You will also learn advanced options helping you to know what content is indexed and how the extracted content is indexed. Throughout the book, you would go through complex problems with solutions along with varied approaches to tackle your business needs. By the end of this book, you will gain advanced proficiency to build out-of-box smart search solutions for your enterprise demands.Style and approachAn advance guide which will take you through complex problems with solutions along with varied approaches to tackle your business needs by using Apache solr 7.x
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