Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition Financial Management

Autor: Mohamed Aamer Ala El Din

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Boost your accounting and financial skills with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Key Features Make real-time data-driven decisions for your enterprise with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise edition Configure and set up the Microsoft Dynamics 365 financial module via highly useful tips and tricks Administer customer relations and plan enterprise resources with this systematic guide Book Description Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finance and operations is a rapidly growing application and is widely used in enterprise organizations. Because of its ability to maximize business productivity, it is a fast-growing business application package in the ERP market. We will start by looking into ERP concepts, implementation needs, and interface design, giving you basic knowledge of financial management aspects and explaining key concepts along the way. To begin with, you'll be taken through the general ledger and financial dimension functions. You'll later learn about the sales tax mechanism and multi-currency in Microsoft Dynamics 365. We tackle each topic with focused examples and explanations on topics such as payable/receivable accounts, forecasting, cash and bank management, budgeting planning/control, and fixed assets. Finally, we walk you through intercompany, consolidation, costing basics, and financial reporting. By the end of this book, your finance team will have a much richer understanding of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finance and operations and its powerful capabilities. What you will learn Examine the business logic behind the financial functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 FFO Set up and configure the core modules of financial management Grasp the key control points of financial management Explore intercompany and consolidation in Microsoft Dynamics 365 FFO Understand multi-currency sales, tax mechanisms, and budgeting capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 FFO Get to grips with month/year-end period close functionality Understand the account payable and receivable module Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 to create financial reports Who this book is for This book is for application consultants, solution architects, controllers, CFOs, pre-sales and other professionals who are involved in a Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finance and operation implementation. Basic knowledge of financial terms, concepts, and terminologies is required.
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