Hands-On Enterprise Automation on Linux

Autor: James Freeman

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

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Achieve enterprise automation in your Linux environment with this comprehensive guide Key Features Automate your Linux infrastructure with the help of practical use cases and real-world scenarios Learn to plan, build, manage, and customize OS releases in your environment Enhance the scalability and efficiency of your infrastructure with advanced Linux system administration concepts Book Description Automation is paramount if you want to run Linux in your enterprise effectively. It helps you minimize costs by reducing manual operations, ensuring compliance across data centers, and accelerating deployments for your cloud infrastructures. Complete with detailed explanations, practical examples, and self-assessment questions, this book will teach you how to manage your Linux estate and leverage Ansible to achieve effective levels of automation. You'll learn important concepts on standard operating environments that lend themselves to automation, and then build on this knowledge by applying Ansible to achieve standardization throughout your Linux environments. By the end of this Linux automation book, you'll be able to build, deploy, and manage an entire estate of Linux servers with higher reliability and lower overheads than ever before. What you will learn Perform large-scale automation of Linux environments in an enterprise Overcome the common challenges and pitfalls of extensive automation Define the business processes needed to support a large-scale Linux environment Get well-versed with the most effective and reliable patch management strategies Automate a range of tasks from simple user account changes to complex security policy enforcement Learn best practices and procedures to make your Linux environment automatable Who this book is for This book is for anyone who has a Linux environment to design, implement, and maintain. Open source professionals including infrastructure architects and system administrators will find this book useful. You're expected to have experience in implementing and maintaining Linux servers along with knowledge of building, patching, and maintaining server infrastructure. Although not necessary, knowledge of Ansible or other automation technologies will be beneficial.
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