Pentaho Data Integration Quick Start Guide

Autor: Maria Carina Roldan

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Get productive quickly with Pentaho Data Integration Key Features Take away the pain of starting with a complex and powerful system Simplify your data transformation and integration work Explore, transform, and validate your data with Pentaho Data Integration Book Description Pentaho Data Integration(PDI) is an intuitive and graphical environment packed with drag and drop design and powerful Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) capabilities. Given its power and flexibility, initial attempts to use the Pentaho Data Integration tool can be difficult or confusing. This book is the ideal solution. This book reduces your learning curve with PDI. It provides the guidance needed to make you productive, covering the main features of Pentaho Data Integration. It demonstrates the interactive features of the graphical designer, and takes you through the main ETL capabilities that the tool offers. By the end of the book, you will be able to use PDI for extracting, transforming, and loading the types of data you encounter on a daily basis. What you will learn Design, preview and run transformations in Spoon Run transformations using the Pan utility Understand how to obtain data from different types of files Connect to a database and explore it using the database explorer Understand how to transform data in a variety of ways Understand how to insert data into database tables Design and run jobs for sequencing tasks and sending emails Combine the execution of jobs and transformations Who this book is for This book is for software developers, business intelligence analysts, and others involved or interested in developing ETL solutions, or more generally, doing any kind of data manipulation.
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