Learn pfSense 2.4

Autor: David Zientara

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Install, Configure and Setup different connections with pfSense Key Features Build firewall and routing solutions with PfSense. Learn how to create captive portals, how to connect Pfsense to your HTTPS environment and so on. Practical approach towards building firewall solutions for your organization Book Description As computer networks become ubiquitous, it has become increasingly important to both secure and optimize our networks. pfSense, an open-source router/firewall, provides an easy, cost-effective way of achieving this – and this book explains how to install and configure pfSense in such a way that even a networking beginner can successfully deploy and use pfSense. This book begins by covering networking fundamentals, deployment scenarios, and hardware sizing guidelines, as well as how to install pfSense. The book then covers configuration of basic services such as DHCP, DNS, and captive portal and VLAN configuration. Careful consideration is given to the core firewall functionality of pfSense, and how to set up firewall rules and traffic shaping. Finally, the book covers the basics of VPNs, multi-WAN setups, routing and bridging, and how to perform diagnostics and troubleshooting on a network. What you will learn Install pfSense Configure additional interfaces, and enable and configure DHCP Understand Captive portal Understand firewalls and NAT, and traffic shaping Learn in detail about VPNs Understand Multi-WAN Learn about routing and bridging in detail Understand the basics of diagnostics and troubleshooting networks Who this book is for This book is towards any network security professionals who want to get introduced to the world of firewalls and network configurations using Pfsense. No knowledge of PfSense is required
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