Hands-On Azure for Developers

Autor: Kamil Mrzyglod

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Gain practical skills with Azure and understand how to start developing scalable and easy-to-maintain cloud applications Key Features Get up and running with the development aspects of Azure cloud Build fault-tolerant and scalable applications on Azure A practical, developer-centric guide for Azure developers Book Description Microsoft Azure is one of the fastest growing public cloud service providers in the market currently, and also holds the second highest market share after AWS. Azure has a sophisticated set of services that will help you build fault-tolerant and scalable cloud-based applications. Hands-On Azure for Developers will take you on a journey through multiple PaaS services available in Azure, including App Services, Functions, and Service Fabric, and explain in detail how to build a complete and reliable system with ease. You will learn about how to maximize your skills when building cloud-based solutions leveraging different SQL/NoSQL databases, serverless and messaging components, and even search engines such as Azure Search. In the concluding chapters, this book covers more advanced scenarios such as scalability best practices, serving static content with Azure CDN, and distributing loads with Azure Traffic Manager. By the end of the book, you will be able to build modern applications on the Azure cloud using the most popular and promising technologies, which will help make your solutions reliable, stable, and efficient. What you will learn Implement serverless components such as Azure functions and logic apps Integrate applications with available storages and containers Understand messaging components, including Azure Event Hubs and Azure Queue Storage Gain an understanding of Application Insights and other proper monitoring solutions Store your data with services such as Azure SQL and Azure Data Lake Storage Develop fast and scalable cloud applications Who this book is for Hands-On Azure for Developers is for developers who want to build highly scalable cloud-based applications on Azure. Prior knowledge of Azure services will be an added advantage.
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